Carrier Ethernet

IPX has installed a Carrier Ethernet Network modelled after Comcast success in the USA.

IPX offers top tier Carrier Ethernet gear from Ciena, to provide Metro Ethernet services to customers in Gabon Africa. The IPX Metro Ethernet services range from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps and comes with three different classes of service backed by service level agreements and continuous monitoring from IPX’s dedicated NOCs. These services leverage IPX’s VSAT, Fiber and Last Mile wireless IP-based fiber optic network.

To enable the Carrier Ethernet Service, IPX will is using Ciena’s Carrier Fiber Equipment in Lisbon connected to our Points of Presence (POP) in Gabon. USA POPS include Houston and Washington DC.

IPX connects customers to Ethernet Service Delivery Switches as the customer premise equipment (CPE) that sits at customer sites. IPX can then deliver end to end fiber Ethernet service. IPX is targeting the growing number of Enterprise and Mid-sized businesses (20-500 employees) with multiple sites that are looking to deploy high-bandwidth services such as cloud computing and business continuity / disaster recovery.

The IPX Carrier Ethernet offering, is MEF-2 compliant and has extensive QoS capabilities which allow IPX to help enable three distinct classes of service to customers.   Additionally, the Carrier Ethernet Offering allows for fully remote “zero-touch” automated device configuration and service provisioning, enabling faster service provisioning and reduced OPEX. IPX will have the ability to remotely increase a customer’s bandwidth via software without rolling a truck or manually touching the box, which simplifies our operations and improves the customer experience. 

IPX’s big push with Carrier Ethernet services in Gabon, highlights the growing acceptance of carrier Ethernet as a base technology in business networks.   IPX is offering four services, includes Ethernet Private Line Service, Ethernet Point-to-Point Service, Ethernet Network Service, and Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access Service. 

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