Ground Operators Africa

Local Support is the Difference

After the start of IPX in 2001, we realized that what differentiates success with failure is having local technical support people. These lessons were learned from 15 years working in drilling and field levels projects for oil and gas firms. Working in inhospitable environments, local support crews restored critical services and were able to keep very expensive projects running smoothly.

IPX has invested heavily in the local content where IPX does business. IPX has trained local African technicians in Washington DC and Houston for support of our technologies such as Fiber, Wireless, VSAT, PBX, networks, PC support and other network functions.

Our operational capabilities in Africa are unsurpassed in providing local maintenance and support services. One recently completed project with the African Development Bank, required IPX to upgrade and service bank locations in 32 Africa countries. In addition, provide monthly support call out services.

IPX Ground Operators Support Footprint includes:

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