IPX Teleport Services

IPX provides our clients the best in teleport functions. Teaming with the world's premier VSAT providers, IPX has negotiated the best economies of scale and prices and passes those along to our customers.

IPX TELEPORT Services is a support system of co-located network hubs and voice gateways, combined with the satellite, VSAT terminals, VOIP systems and earth stations at remote sites locations, which provide a seamless network of the highest quality.

This networking system seamlessly connects private networks and business units in remote regions to the central hub enabling the network to transmit and receive voice and data from anywhere in the world.

We offer a complete range of teleport and gateway services for the interconnection of traffic globally:

Other IPX Teleport Facilities Include:

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  • Skype: dcomis2020
  • Email: dcomis@ipxcom.com
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