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Dennis Comis - Founder & Principal

Dennis Comis

Dennis S. Comis is a Computer Certified Professional and Geologist with 30+ years’ experience in advanced technologies and their application to oil and gas, global communications, customer service and IT applications and support. His demonstrated strengths are in applying vision, people, technology and management to solve real world problems.

Areas of expertise include international and domestic management of projects; establish infrastructure and communications in remote regions of the world, a proven custodian of multi-million dollar budgets, project design and planning, logistics, scanning and knowledge management systems, design and implementation of database technology, PBX Systems, Call Centers, and overseas maintenance of equipment and remote IT and operational support.

His WAN implementations, utilizing satellite, cellular, broadband, wireless and computer telephony have given companies the ability to save on LD Expenses, Cell Expenses, provide Internet and email systems to communicate in the harshest and remote locations around the world.

Mr. Comis founded IPX Communications in 2001 and has quickly taken the company to the forefront of satellite, wireless, Fiber, and IP PBX communications. Strong partnerships with Cisco and Intelsat Corp. and adopting hub technologies from Viasat/Comsat, has allowed IPX to establish a high performance VSAT and telephony network in the Middle East and West Africa, with satisfied customers in London, Iraq, Saudi, Gabon, the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, and Nigeria.

Mr. Comis’ international success is attributed to his ability to understand various cultures and use diplomacy and team building concepts to deliver results. Traveling personally to Iraq, West Africa and over 34 countries, he has successfully negotiated projects for VSAT licenses and sales of technology to the EU, the Middle East and South America. As well as hire Agents and Staff to manage IPX business interests abroad.


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Recently IPX has designed and completed a fiber network spanning from Houston to Libreville and Port Gentil Gabon. His mission for philanthropy is to connect Houston Medical Center to Africa. And to provide TeleMedicine Services to the needy in Africa and Global locations.

"To those peoples in the huts and villages struggling to break the bonds of mass misery, we pledge our best efforts to help them help themselves." - John F Kennedy

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