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Imagine turning on your computer, clicking an email, and finding a message from a International or remote community health center. The email record has an attachment that contains heart sounds, which you could actually listen to and analyze on your desktop. Or imagine it contains a picture of a damaged finger, a sore throat, or an inflamed eardrum, which could be analyzed and diagnosed with new medical software and connected medical expertise.

After you are finished, you can create a digital medical record, and store the record in an HIPAA compliant, highly secure database.

As a patient, all you need is your fingerprint to connect you to your digital medical records. As a physician, on the other side of the Internet connection, you would be able to help the patient and community center to quickly assess the health problems of patient thousands of miles away.

The Medical SuitcaseThis is not science-fiction, this is telemedicine or telehealth, an exciting breakthrough whose objective is to bring the best medical expertise to remote locations. Telemedicine is generally described as the use of communication equipment to link health care practitioners and patients in different locations for the delivery of clinical care, but IPX uses telemedicine to truly connect patients with their doctors, in addition to doctors with other doctors.

The IPX supplied Medical technologies empower healthcare providers anywhere in the world, to have the ability to capture and send digital images to Houston-based Physicians with 12 years of experience using telemedicine.

IPX's telemedicine and telehealth communication solutions allow the following digital images to be sent across the world:

The Medical SuitcaseFor example, a medical technician in an ambulance in the field, can send the medical emergency information to a medical specialist via mobile satellite, cell phone GPRS, Internet, or Wireless 802.11 using the Medical Suitcase connected to the closest Saudi clinic or U.S. Hospital that is equipped with a medical workstation.

Telemedicine allows health care professionals to use connected medical devices in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of patients in other locations. These devices are enhanced through the use of VSAT telecommunications technology, network encryption innovations, video conferencing, and VOIP services. Communication services to remote locations and villages are provided primarily by satellite.

Specialized application software, data storage devices, database management software, and medical devices capable of electronic data collection, storage and transmission are all key components of the telemedicine infrastructure.

The Physician's Studio Control RoomTelemedicine customarily uses two methods to transmit images, data and sound - either live, real-time video conference transmission, or "store and forward" transmission, where the consulting professional reviews data asynchronous with its collection. Many programs employ both transmission capabilities to maximize efficient use of resources appropriate to the medical services being provided.

IPX provides the communications building blocks that deliver these telemedicine methodologies. IPX advanced networks include VSAT, VOIP, call centers, video conferencing, firewalls, WAN optimization and application acceleration, and VPN encrypted networks. These communication building blocks provide the basis for the optimal functionality of telemedicine.

IPX owns and operates the latest VSAT Earth Station technologies that utilize TDMA mesh networks for single hop communications. IPX operates a ViaSat Linkway Hub in Fuchsttadt Germany, one of Intelsat’s premier satellite teleports. These facilities/mesh networks eliminate the double hop of most satellite networks, when traffic is routed from a village to the satellite then down to a major hub station and back through the satellite to another village. The mesh design is thus much more suitable for regional communities of interest, such as clusters of medical centers and clinics that no longer require two transits through the satellite to communicate. This makes video conferencing and voice communications solutions pristine and ideal for telemedicine.

IPX is also a systems integrator for the clinical diagnostic tools necessary to deliver advanced medical care that can be utilized by patients, hospitals, health plans, and employers and caregivers.

Hospital Workstations Hospital Workstations

In addition to meeting clinical needs, the medical system has been designed to perform in a wide variety of network configurations. The software uses a unique "routing" protocol and industry-standard encryption to move data between servers and organizations. Any server in a location connected to the Telehealth wide-area network or with the ablility to browse the Internet can send and receive data from any other server - with Administrative-level security and access controls in place.

Portable Virtual Physicians Office can be installed anywhere

The Pelican Case Physicians OfficeWith IPX partners, IPX provides telemedicine applications that are truly portable and utilized anywhere in the world to solve real world medical problems. Completely tested and integrated kits can be purchased for a variety of applications. Pictured is a Pelican Case, with full Physicians Office built into a Ruggedized case for transport anywhere in the world.

The Telehealth Medical Suitcase can be installed in an ambulance and be packed and moved to the site of the medical emergency. First responders can react quickly to a medical outbreak or emergency. This portable workstation can interact with Medical Staff in Hospitals, and clinics where expertise can deliver critical consultation and diagnosis to remote sites.

Telemedicine Experience

The Telemedicine systems have been proven to deliver high quality medical solutions to more than 3,000 workers in Antarctica, and over 120,000 inmates in Texas. Last year over 60,000 patients benefited from this new approach to healthcare.

IPX is licensed to provide these solutions linked to the leaders in Telehealth based in the Houston Texas Medical Center.

Current Telemedicine/Telehealth Applications:

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