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The IPX Professional Services Team help oil and gas companies and Africa organizations plan for, design, implement, operate, and manage the right technologies to improve the way they do business. From VSAT installations to cyber security, we take the complexity out of IT solution management, so you can focus on running your business.

Do it Right – The First Time

Merging new telecom technology solutions with existing IT infrastructures, upgrading critical field operations, or finding better ways to manage Africa bandwidth and networks can be daunting– and, if not handled properly, disruptive. To avoid misuse of time and resources, and to maintain customer trust through consistent data management, a proven approach is critical. 

IPX Professional Services address each stage of the technology “life cycle,” from strategy and design, to implementation and local support and management. Regardless of where your business sits in Africa and needs to communicated back to HQ, our IT Professional Services consultants offer specialized Africa support to launch and manage your Africa IT, security, cloud, communications, mobility, and machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions effectively. 

Thrive in the new Africa ACE Fiber Connected World

Improve the way your workers and machines connect and communicate with field offices and HQ enterprise networking solutions. Your ability to exchange information quickly and easily helps to drive your business forward. But with the sheer amount of data available and today’s resource-intensive applications, it can be challenging to deliver important information to all the right people and machines at the right time.

IPX Carrier Ethernet Solutions in Port Gentil Africa, provide new, more efficient ways for your company to engage customers and keep workers and machines connected. These solutions allow you to match specific applications to the performance capabilities necessary to deliver large volumes of data and high-quality content quickly where needed.

IPX Carrier Ethernet Solutions in can help you:

IPX Professional Services Include:

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