Smartbuildings, are designed to be quick build technology which achieve significant energy savings by taking advantage of improved technology and materials in terms of solid core building structures, solar battery electrical systems, LED Lighting, building automation systems, and optimized computers and networks, tied to broadband Internet connectivity. With these innovations integrated to work together, multiple building technologies can be simplified and delivered to International customers.


Spartan, a IPXCOM sister company, has been working on delivering infrastructure utilizing LEED Certified and Green Building Solutions. Spartan Buildings was conceived to offer standalone sustainable building technologies that are designed and built for global harsh environments. Characteristics are quick build technology that allows for the complete construction of the Smartbuildings within 10 days. From start to finish from the foundation to the solar panel.

There are no Home Depots in Africa.

Spartan based in Houston Texas, in the heart of the oil industry has been delivering oil field solutions into the jungles of Africa, using the same philosophy adopted by Spartan Buildings. IPX principal Dennis Comis is a Geologist and Certified Computer Professional that has firsthand experience delivering these solutions. IPX knows that all materials must be on site and integrated to work right out of the shipping containers. If you are missing parts, this can take weeks or never to find the pieces needed to finish a Smartbuilding, or any building for that matter.

The Process

The Smartbuilding Solution set starts in a warehouse in Houston. All building components are purchased in volume from reputable and proven suppliers. All equipment used in these solutions are chosen for quality and durability, most building components are manufactured in the USA, and most are Energy Star rated.

Buildings today are complex structures, systems and technology. Over time, each of the components inside a building has been developed and improved. Spartan has chosen the best lighting, security, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems worthy of being in a Smartbuilding.

Equipment and Components

Spartan has perfected a 36×24 SIP Solid Core Building as the General Building Structure size. The building is manufactured in the USA and shipped to Houston in components sized to fit in a shipping container. Spartan uses this size as a baseline to deliver different building solutions or as we call them “building skins”. Depending on which functions are needed, the building skins accommodate the final utilization for the building. Common building blocks, to this include:

Building Skins

Spartan will take the General Purpose 36×24 Building with LEED & Energy Star Ratings, and finish the building according to function as we have seen demanded by global clients. Some of the popular building skins include:

Technology Transfer

The most sophisticated buildings and automation software and elaborate hardware in the world would be nothing but wires and boxes, without the people, trained to use these buildings effectively. In that sense, the people that run a Smartbuilding are a crucial component of its intelligence.

Spartan in all the complexities of delivering the best sustainable solutions in the industry, does not lose sight that these buildings must function. Therefore, Spartan integrates automation controllers and components utilizing Z Wave wireless sensors, light switches, HVAC thermostats, security systems, irrigations, door locks, electrical and energy metering, all via wireless and automation technology to run the building and manage it via smartphone, or it is boiled down to its simplicity. 

The Future in Building

The building of the future must be self-sustainable. They must divorce the building from the burdens of power and the lack of it in most third world and needy environments. Using VSAT, Fiber and Wireless Communications, are a key component of a future. Spartan and IPXCOM are uniquely qualified to deliver these solutions to manage and merge technology and human ingenuity, to produce the robust, medical, learning, agriculture, and the low-carbon economy envisioned for the future.   The smart building is at the center of this vision, providing not just the roof and power overhead, but also the Internet and E-Learning information infrastructure to make possible a truly intelligent world.

Spartan is designing for the future to deliver SmartBuildings making them more efficient by making energy utilization and self-sustainability the standard, the building will be in a user-friendly format that will enable owners and managers to excel in the content they are pursuing verses having to worry about performance and sustainability.

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