VSAT Network Options

Communicate with full local area network (LAN) capabilities to your remote offices, regardless of location. IPX offers secure, reliable, VSAT networking solutions based on custom-engineered very small aperture terminal (VSAT) communications for land and sea. VSAT technologies ensure link security and reliability, with genuine end-to-end management and comprehensive in-country local customer support systems.

Topology Solutions

Depending on your communications requirements and the complexity of your network, IPX provides a choice of topology solutions that can be implemented. All VSAT solutions are based on a detailed requirement analysis and design process, so that your satellite communication needs are matched with the correct VSAT technology.

SCPC VSAT Solutions

A private, secure point-to-point VSAT solution that provides a dedicated link and dedicated bandwidth between two locations.This VSAT system is Ideal for static environments, where communications requirements are clearly established - supports voice, data, video communications.

TDMA VSAT Solutions

Also known as Single Hop, bandwidth-on-demand technology. A fully meshed network solution allows all connected sites to communicate directly with each other, using a shared pool of bandwidth - optimizing performance and cost effectiveness. This VSAT system is ideally suited to regionally distributed remote operations that need to communicate both locally and centrally but whose demand for network capacity fluctuates – supports voice, data, video communications - eLearning and telemedicine.

DVB - Multi-Point IP Based VSAT Network Solutions

An IP based multi-point solution providing a partial mesh or star topology where each remote site can communicate with the others via the central hub (double hop). Like our TDMA offering, bandwidth is shared between the remote sites providing a cost-effective VSAT solution. In addition, DVB addresses and transmits the packets in an optimum manner providing a best-in-class quality of service.

Mobile Broadband Solutions

Inmarsat BGAN

Inmarsat BGAN is accessible via small, lightweight satellite terminals, providing performance options to suit different operational needs.

Standard terminals are highly portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Vehicular systems comprise an interior terminal and a discreet tracking antenna, which is mounted on the vehicle roof. The Inmarsat BGAN VSAT solution is ideal for oil, gas, & first responders.

Voice and Data, Single-User Device

About Inmarsat BGAN - Voice and Data, Single-User Device

The single-user VSAT system combines a highly portable, robust design with all-round performance. It provides the single-user with a cost-effective voice and high-speed data solution for remote corporate network access.

BGAN Vehicular Terminals

BGAN Vehicular TerminalsSystem comprises a robust, compact, roof-mounted antenna, which constantly tracks the satellite while on the move, and a transceiver which is positioned inside the vehicle. System boasts multiple voice and data interfaces including four Ethernet ports for multiple users. It provides Streaming IP up to 256kbps for higher quality live video streaming, video conferencing, telemedicine and other streaming applications. It has been specifically designed to provide optimal broadband on the move for military, civil government, media and other commercial sector organizations.

ViaSat Mobile Broadband IP

IPX owns and operates a Viasat Linkway Hub in Fuchstaddt Teleport today. With this new Viasat Ku-band mobile broadband system technology, IPX can provides operations for both commercial and military applications. With the only FCC-approved Ku-band mobile broadband service on the market, we’re able to provide you with higher speeds and lower costs. The mobile satellite broadband system uses a spread spectrum waveform similar to CDMA that creates a number of advantages over other mobile satellite services.

ViaSat Mobile Broadband IP is ideal for telemedicine, first responders, and military applications.

About ViaSat's On-the-Move Service

Use this VSAT service to maintain office-like productivity while on the move. This mobile communications service includes Internet connectivity at cable-modem-like speeds on a monthly subscription basis. Get connected and use IP-based applications while on-the-go with this affordable service. Multiple VSAT service options are available to meet your specific needs.

ViaSat’s Ground Mobile Terminal offers true broadband IP access to vehicles needing beyond-line-of-sight network access while on the move. The VMT-1220 series supports channel speeds of up to 10 Mbps from the hub gateway to the vehicle and up to 512 kbps from the vehicle to the hub.

Ground Mobile Terminal

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