Wireless Internet Services

IPX delivers a broad telecom portfolio, including high speed wireless, microwave, hotspots, broadband via whitespace UHF, fiber and fixed satellite services. The high performance IPX wireless networks cover Africa Gabon and IPX utilized Telecom Towers to deliver last mile connectivity.

Partnerships with Glen Martin provide IPX the best in USA towers to install overseas.

Our Wireless Internet Access is a high speed, high capacity access system. It uses top rated 802.11 Access Points and Customer Premise Equipment. It involves installation of an antenna at the subscriber’s location; this is then pointed to any of our several tower mounted Access Points according to the line-of-sight available between the Subscriber and the IPX tower facilities. Some of our wireless products allow you to set up high-speed, wide area networks over unprecedented long distances. Unlike any other bridge/router on the market today, our products give you the power to establish LAN-to-LAN connections over distances of up to 48 Km- with superior performance. Moreover, each product is a compact, single, integrated outdoor unit designed to withstand harsh environments.

Customers are faced with the increasing cost of dedicated VSAT or Fiber leased lines to connect remote sites to the central office or headquarters site for voice and data services. LAN and Internet services are concentrated at the central location for economy and good management, but Africa guest houses are an extension of the main office and in many cases have poor or non-existent communications.

IPX changes all of that with a Wireless Internet Service that provides high quality –dedicated non shared bandwidth and voice connectivity to HQ, branch offices and remote sites.

IPX customers subscribe for unlimited service for a flat monthly rate, and can select speeds ranging from 64, 128 Kbps to 2 Mbps (100 times faster than regular ADSL and dialup service).

IPX can connect you to the Internet and also provide your offices and guest houses with secure high speed wireless networking to share the Internet and data within your business environment.

Some of our College Campus Wide Hotspots can connect 1000’s of users to the network.

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